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I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jacob's Houses.  


The phrase "you get what you pay for" hits home for me, as we all know you were recommended by my attorney due to a horrible contractor experience that left my new home basically falling apart at every corner from top to bottom! Your team was worth its weight in gold.  


Once meeting with you both, my mind was at ease with your honest, straight forward approach to showing me the problems from the previous builder, then getting all of them addressed quickly and efficiently.  The superb quality of your work and the quality of the material's that you recommended and explaining the reason why you recommended that brand for your work, has put my mind at ease knowing that my house now, Thanks to you and your crew is structurally sound.  


From the demolition phase clear to the final walk through, your work area was always neat and picked up both indoors and outdoors every night before you left!  That simple act reminded me daily of how much care you took with your projects.  


I cannot express my gratitude fully regarding how you handled my trepidation in the beginning, but you gained my trust with your knowledge and honesty about wanting to make my home safe. Thank you again!  


I would highly recommend Jacob's Houses to anyone wanting to build or renovate hands down they are excellent and take all care in every detail.  


I look forward to the next projects!

Sally E

Memphis, MO

My son and I first met Todd Bleything, owner of Jacob’s Houses in November of 2004 when a deer I shot jumped over our common fence before dying. I had not met my neighbor but I hoped that he believed in recovering the deer rather than worrying about trespassing. As I was getting ready to field dress the deer Todd came up and introduced himself, then proceeded to field dress the deer for me. When we were finished with the deer I thanked him and we invited him to camp to have a beer with us. While having a beer at camp my son and I mentioned that we intended to construct a hunting lodge on the property in the near future. Todd at that time mentioned that he was a builder and invited my son and I to meet with him when we got closer to the time to build the cabin.


I started playing with plans and looking at log homes. I had come up with a nice plan for a large cabin, so my son and I made a trip to Todd’s home. Todd looked at the plan and gave us a price; and my son was right it was more expensive than we wanted to spend. Todd asked us how much we wanted to spend, we told him and he said let me show you what I can build for that amount of money. Since we had run out of time we asked him “how big of a cabin can we get for the amount of money that we wanted to spend?". Todd told us around 1500 square feet. With that in mind my son and I went to work each drawing up our own idea based on the 1500 square foot criteria. When my son and I got together again we compared designs and my design of 4 bedrooms arranged around a great room won. Todd made one recommended change to the plan which was to put one of the bathrooms right off the great room with the mechanical/utility behind it on the outside wall. The plan chosen actually was 1600 sq. ft. (32’x50’). We signed a contract with Todd in the spring of 2005  and the cabin was finished in September of that year. As the cabin was being constructed we add a 20’x12’ addition to the back, a four seasons room to put the hot tub in since the mice had gotten into the wiring of my son’s hot tub in Michigan. Until the cabin was built my wife and daughter would not go up to the property because they said that “there was noting to do”. Once the cabin was finished  things changed; my wife, mother-in-law, daughter and grand daughters started coming up.


When my wife saw the workmanship in the cabin she knew that she wanted Todd to build our retirement home. We found a 20 acre site near Brashear and built our retirement home. Because we invited my mother-in-law to come live with us, I drew up several plans with a separate section for my mother-in-law but my wife did not like them because none of them had an attached garage. In the end we settled on a plan based off a plan that Todd showed us and built a master bedroom with bath on both the main floor and the level below it.


When we had the hunting cabin built we had Todd build a 24’x36’ pole building with concrete floor and insulated walls to park in when we were at the ranch. We also put a 8’x8’ cold room in it a a 6’x8’ half bath. We heat this building in winter and now use it to process deer in. With these uses we needed another out building so we had Todd build us a 40’x60’ pole building again with concrete floor and insulated walls. With the new house I had Todd build a 30’x50’ insulated pole building with concrete floor for a shop building.


We have a good working relationship with Todd and Pam Bleything as well as a good friendship. It is like having family.

Tom M

Brashear, MO

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